thus speaks Sophia


” when the world was born



came into being

before the centuries were made

I issued from the hand of God ”



” God instilled me

into the initial multiple as

a force

of condensation & concentration

in me is seen that side of beings by which they are

joined as one

in me the fragrance that makes them hasten together

& leads them

freely and passionately

along their road to

unity ”



” through me

all things have their movement

& are made to work as one

I am the beauty running through the world

to make it associate in ordered groups

the ideal held up before the world

to make it ascend

I am Wisdom

I am Sophia

I was the bond that held together the foundations

of the universe ”



” I extend my being


     the soul of the world ”



” I am

the magnetic force of


universal presence

& the

ceaseless ripple of

   its smile ”



” I open

the door to

the whole heart

of creation

I am

the Gateway of the Earth

the Initiation ”



” in me

the soul is at work

to sublimate the body

grace to divinize the soul

those who wish to be possessed by me

must change as I change ”



” it is God

who awaits you

     in me! ”



” if


was able to emerge from himself

he had first to lay a pathway

of desire

before his feet

he had to spread before him

a sweet savor of beauty

It was then that he caused me to rise up

a luminous mist hanging over the abyss

between the earth & himself

that, in me, he might dwell

among you ”



” lying


God & the earth

as a zone of mutual attraction

I draw them both together

in a passionate union ”



 ” I am


I am

    Sophia ”



written by pierre teilhard de chardin


found at

structure & a few strategic words edited

photo of azalea by helios alchemy


doll art by poisondlucy13

also at



elvis bojangles



out to pasture


i have embraced


with grit



travel &





dry sand & wit



the time

has come

for relief & release


no more road

no more



freedom has come

now it goes

out to pasture


its depart

in my heart

no longer a disaster



love peace & freedom

a trinity

true blue


highly regarded

by me, now

handed to you


at the end of

the line

looms the sign


slavery to


only is mine



the wayward butler

elvis bojangles




photos anonymous


A Road Mood


dancing with a dinosaur


Going To The Chapel Of Love

by Rawclyde !


The most beautiful

most ghoulish empress

on Earth

& I

so sly so wry

stood on the top

of a rock pinnacle so high

up there in the desert sky

her one thousand & one demonettes

so wily so crafty

could not answer why


Above the panoramic valley of death

swayed her & I

her hair a furious flag of glory

the hat on my head a miracle

that would not blow away

in the blow-torch wind that

scorched wounded & branded our souls


The view at our feet

shrank crucifixions & ghost towns

into nothing for nobody but ants

this wild escarpment of God stretched

around the planet & bumped

the back of the head as

we stood there

on the verge of slow dancing

but just holding hands instead

our eyes wide open to



Clouds eye-balled by like

thick novels

their pages fluttering to the climax

in a matter of seconds


A passing eagle dropped a feather

into me’ lady’s other hand

the great bird snapped her wing

& was gone


Diana stuck her new eagle feather into my miracle hat

I became Chief Hopping Rabbit

but we still didn’t dance


We only stood there

quietly contemplating the journey before us

then I said to her



She  squeezed my hand

we leaped into the void


we floated upward…


text copyright Clyde Collins 2012

art copyright Boris Vallejo 1994

photo from short film “On New Years Eve”


“the future is not ours to see”


A Ghost Town Called Love


cloud shadow 31


Is your life


n’ arm

with Freedom?


Have you


to death

   ye olde Demon ~


Who enslaves

so much


   humankind ~


With an appetite

for poisons

that wreck the temple

of body n’ mind?





   friend ~







Be a Cottonwood Tree

so free

below ‘dee

   Deep Desert sky ~




Idiot World

   pass you by…


Deep Desert Blues V