entering barda


sofia is brilliant she never fades

by those who love her she is readily


she anticipates those who desire her

by making herself known first

whoever gets up early to seek her

will have no trouble

but will find her sitting at the door



meditating on her is understanding

in its perfect form

and anyone keeping awake for her

will soon be free from care

for she herself searches everywhere

for those who are worthy of


benevolently appearing to them on

their ways

anticipating their every thought

for wisdom begins with the sincere

desire for instruction

care for instruction means loving




text by king solomon & elvis bojangles

art by kaleya at deviantart

& the strange design is by an anonymous artist


gideon spilett


i met this feller in a 554-page piece of pulp fiction

that took one week to read in the 6th grade

i did not find the monsters for which i was looking but

i got to know newspaper reporter gideon spilett



spilett is probably most responsible for

my becoming a reporter in the u.s. army

on a bimonthly newspaper 

at tripler army medical center in hawaii

once upon a time



spilett & i were hard working reporters for the military

he was a  bonafide civil-war correspondent &

i considered myself a sunshine soldier

supporting support during peace time 1980-1984

in hawaii



earlier i draft-dodged the vietnam war

i lied my way into the army & did it well

so they didn’t mind

I earned an honorable discharge & some medals

& got out



& that’s one way

mysterious island by jules verne

partnered with reality

in the life of the wayward butler



elvis bojangles


end of the road

by elvis bojangles


i developed a stigmata

in big town on the other coast &

rode away ’til

it turned into a potato

rubbing up to my jewels


this hernia reflects nothing less

in the sacred mirror

than the happy face of her

belly button that flashed 

before my blessed eyes in the

city of sisterly love



the only thing that could ever

slow this hobo down has done it

with the blessings of

sofia and jehovah above


i am ready now

to catch the ball and streak

across the veil



& i will do it

joyfully lovin’


every inch of the trail

so help me god


(text copyright clyde collins 2017)

prairie dog blues

by elvis bojangles


back in the desert

that won’t go away

that desert o’ mind

forever to stay


platonic man dwells

a dream full o’ love

in a comfy bag on the ground

clouds n’ stars up above


he dwells upright

beside a friend

they’re tilling her grounds

a dream with no end


something stirs him

platonic man awakes

what’s that noise

it cannot be snakes


eyes open wide

the ground shakes

a geyser of dirt shoots up

gravel clods flakes


A little head pops up

outta the ground

it’s the shape-shifter prairie dog

in the dark comin’ around


she says, “have you any

toilet paper, butler?”

the tricks of the night will never

get more subtler


text copyright clyde collins 2017

eternity, where do you roam?


The Road Princess & Eternity
a short novel
This is a tall tale of one beautiful go-go dancer’s confrontation with the stark landscape of Arizona.  An outlaw finds her out there and intrudes upon this kaleidoscope of a lost hot babe in the wilderness scenario.  The dang thing turns into a romantic comedy.  Or is it a mystical journey?
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