moonlight gambler


 can gamble for matchsticks

you can gamble for gold

the stakes may be heavy or small

but if you haven’t gambled for

love & lost

then you haven’t gambled at all



end of the road

by elvis bojangles


i developed a stigmata

in big town on the other coast &

rode away ’til

it turned into a potato

rubbing up to my jewels


this hernia reflects nothing less

in the sacred mirror

than the happy face of her

belly button that flashed 

before my blessed eyes in the

city of sisterly love



the only thing that could ever

slow this hobo down has done it

with the blessings of

sofia and jehovah above


i am ready now

to catch the ball and streak

across the veil



& i will do it

joyfully lovin’


every inch of the trail

so help me god


(text copyright clyde collins 2017)