in the name of

the father

the son

and the holy ghost



thus speaks Sophia


” when the world was born



came into being

before the centuries were made

I issued from the hand of God ”



” God instilled me

into the initial multiple as

a force

of condensation & concentration

in me is seen that side of beings by which they are

joined as one

in me the fragrance that makes them hasten together

& leads them

freely and passionately

along their road to

unity ”



” through me

all things have their movement

& are made to work as one

I am the beauty running through the world

to make it associate in ordered groups

the ideal held up before the world

to make it ascend

I am Wisdom

I am Sophia

I was the bond that held together the foundations

of the universe ”



” I extend my being


     the soul of the world ”



” I am

the magnetic force of


universal presence

& the

ceaseless ripple of

   its smile ”



” I open

the door to

the whole heart

of creation

I am

the Gateway of the Earth

the Initiation ”



” in me

the soul is at work

to sublimate the body

grace to divinize the soul

those who wish to be possessed by me

must change as I change ”



” it is God

who awaits you

     in me! ”



” if


was able to emerge from himself

he had first to lay a pathway

of desire

before his feet

he had to spread before him

a sweet savor of beauty

It was then that he caused me to rise up

a luminous mist hanging over the abyss

between the earth & himself

that, in me, he might dwell

among you ”



” lying


God & the earth

as a zone of mutual attraction

I draw them both together

in a passionate union ”



 ” I am


I am

    Sophia ”



written by pierre teilhard de chardin


found at

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