hello butler


till your hair is white

ye shall

cultivate my grounds

be wary

harsh I am to the


the senseless do not stay with

me for long

I will weigh as heavily on the

senseless as a grindstone

I am Sofia

goddess of wisdom &

 I am true to my name

I am not accessible to many




take my advice

do not reject my counsel

put your feet into my fetters

& your neck into my collar

offer your skinny shoulder to my burden

do not be impatient of my bonds

court me with all your soul

& with all your might keep in

my ways

once you kneel before me

I will not let you



are possessed by me

my property

in the end you will find rest in


& I will take the form of joy

for you

my fetters you will find

hasty pasty & tasty

my collar a precious necklace

my yoke will be a golden ornament

& my bonds be purple ribbons

you will wear me like a robe of


you will put me on like a crown

of joy

















temple trail




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