gideon spilett


i met this feller in a 554-page piece of pulp fiction

that took one week to read in the 6th grade

i did not find the monsters for which i was looking but

i got to know newspaper reporter gideon spilett



spilett is probably most responsible for

my becoming a reporter in the u.s. army

on a bimonthly newspaper 

at tripler army medical center in hawaii

once upon a time



spilett & i were hard working reporters for the military

he was a  bonafide civil-war correspondent &

i considered myself a sunshine soldier

supporting support during peace time 1980-1984

in hawaii



earlier i draft-dodged the vietnam war

i lied my way into the army & did it well

so they didn’t mind

I earned an honorable discharge & some medals

& got out



& that’s one way

mysterious island by jules verne

partnered with reality

in the life of the wayward butler



elvis bojangles



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