vision on the mountain


in the fading daylight

a rickity  tramp

finds a place to lay his bedroll down

city lights shine below & above

the big dipper pours



it’s good to get away

from the noisy chapel floor

where the other

weary men lay



his only neighbors

on the jagged hill of slag

are a coyote behind a pile of chunk &

another old tramp

a navajo indian

on the otherside of a little chasm 





tell him

what to do



elvis bojangles


art courtesy of daniel eskridge


text copyright clyde collins 2017



prairie dog blues

by elvis bojangles


back in the desert

that won’t go away

that desert o’ mind

forever to stay


platonic man dwells

a dream full o’ love

in a comfy bag on the ground

clouds n’ stars up above


he dwells upright

beside a friend

they’re tilling her grounds

a dream with no end


something stirs him

platonic man awakes

what’s that noise

it cannot be snakes


eyes open wide

the ground shakes

a geyser of dirt shoots up

gravel clods flakes


A little head pops up

outta the ground

it’s the shape-shifter prairie dog

in the dark comin’ around


she says, “have you any

toilet paper, butler?”

the tricks of the night will never

get more subtler


text copyright clyde collins 2017


lamentations of sofia

by SharOn Alder

I have given them eyes to see,
And they have not seen.
I have given them ears to hear,
And they have not heard.
I have given them a mind to discern,
And they have not discerned
The ways of holiness.
I have given them a heart,
And they have not loved one another
Or the Holy Mother.

I have given them a bright star
To guide them to the Holy Land,
Yet they have wandered in the deserts
Of desire and despair.

And when they came to the Holy Land,
The Chosen Ones took with them
The ways of desecration and war.
The Chosen Ones defiled and laid waste
The holy cities, the holy temples,
The children, the mothers and the old ones.
The Chosen Ones defiled her holy daughters
And sacred land.

From their way, who has returned
To the ways of sanctity and holiness?

Who has prepared their hearts for her return?
Who has raised for her, her sacred temples?
Who has clothed and honored her sacred daughters?
Who has fed her little children?
Who has cared for the aged and the crippled?

Who has purged her Holy Land from the ways of war
And laid the sacred ground with the ways of peace?

Oh ye children of man, I say,
Prepare yourselves with fasting and with prayers.

For the lamentations of The Mother are great.

For her temples and beloved are naught,
And they see and behold her not.


art / clyde caldwell


editor / elvis bojangles