desert of no return


platonic man’s

chronic masturbation

has isolated him

in the desert of no return



a cute little prairie dog

raises her head

out of a hole in the ground

looking for a platonic relationship



the man’s brain blows several fuses

cascades down a gully of fantasies

of himself

being a prairie dog too



it turns out the chatty rodent

is an ancient shape shifter &

transformations herself into a stunning

lesbian poet philosopher



being susceptible to such magic

platonic man lands in a deep hole of his own

that we shall identify as

morose lizardism



in which

he actually votes


hillary clinton



from Elvis Bojangles


text copyright clyde collins 2016



“the pious teacher”

by dzaet


desrt photos

by dan davis


model unknown


political indication

belongs to clyde collins


elvis bojangles



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